NeNe Leakes denies unpaid wedding planner claims

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NeNe Leakes is ready to fight back against a multi-million dollar lawsuit for allegedly unpaid services on her recent wedding. reports that a woman named Tiffany Cook has filed suit against NeNe, claiming that the reality TV diva stiffed her after planning NeNe’s June nuptials in Atlanta. Now Tiffany’s seeking $2.5 million!

Tiffany insists that NeNe was supposed to pay her $270,000 for her wedding planning services and another $889,900 for her design services. She also states in court documents that NeNe owed her $1,750 for four coach plane tickets from Florida to Georgia. Supposedly, NeNe paid her a $18,7500 deposit, but she has yet to pay the balance. Now she’s seeking the rest of the plus damages.

NeNe denied that she ever hired Tiffany, who coordinated Porsha and Kordell Stewart’s wedding. “My wedding planner was Tony Conway and he was fabulous!” NeNe wrote on her official Facebook page on Saturday.

Hours later she posted a somewhat cryptic message to let Tiffany and everyone else know that she is more than ready for a legal battle. “Atlanta has more scam artists than reality stars, hunni. Everybody is lookin for a pay day. Some people are so fraudulent. U really wanna do this? Let’s go,” NeNe wrote. “I’m about to lay out my outfit for the first day of court. Maybe I will wear my wedding dress. Lol.”

And when TMZ caught up with NeNe demanded proof of Tiffany’s claims. “Tell her to show you the check and the damn contract,” NeNe stated, adding that she’d be willing to pay anyone who could produce the documents. “I don’t owe her anything, but I wish her all the best with her 15 minutes of fame and trying to get her business going.”

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