Trailer: ‘Marrying The Game’ season 2


    Game and his babymama Tiffney Cambridge are trying figure out how to save their family and their relationship.

    Nearly a year after they should have gotten married, Tiffney and Game are still unclear on where they stand as a couple. Truth be told, they seem as confused about their relationship status as the rest of the world.

    When season 2 of “Marrying The Game” picks up August 5 at 9 PM on VH1, viewers will see the pair living separately although Tiffney still has her engagement ring. That might be because they can’t figure out if they’re actually together or not. Tiffney’s hoping for a litle clarity on where Jayceon’s head is concerning their relationship because she’s still holding out hope that they can walk down the aisle one day.

    “It’s one thing to co-parent for a year. It’s a far different situation to co-parent for a lifetime,” Tiffney explains. “I want nothing more than to be married, but I don’t want to do that until I know that he’s ready.”

    From the looks of the trailer below, Tiffney might be waiting for a while since Game’s not sure he can give her what she wants in a relationship.

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