‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ recap: 7.30.13

    Stevie gives Mimi and Joseline a ring

    Joseline suffered the fake out of the season when she went to celebrate her video shoot in Puerto Rico and her engagement to Stevie. But she got a hint that perhaps this party wasn’t going to go the way she thought it would when she noticed that there were three champagne glasses.

    Just when she was wondering when who the third flute was for, in walked his babymama Mimi. Stevie didn’t explicitly accept Joseline’s proposal, but he did accept her application for a lifetime membership on his bus. The terms of that membership are a little fuzzy, though.

    Mimi found it a little hard to keep from chuckling because she must have known that Stevie had some foolishness planned for what would otherwise be a sentimental event. And she was right! Moments after Joseline asked Stevie to confirm whether or not they’re actually engaged (which he never really did), he presented Mimi with a ring of her own.

    For the second time in as many seasons, Joseline was thorwing down with Stevie J before she left in tears.

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