Daily Buzz 7.31.13: Stevie J confirms that he married Joseline?

    Adrienne Bailon made up fake boyfriend

    Adrienne Bailon had to go to some extreme measures to get rid of her ex Rob Kardashian once and for all. “America saw one of my break ups pan out on television, but you didn’t see how it really went down,” Adrienne dished, hinting that there was more to solidifying their split than meets the eye.

    Rob wanted to win Adrienne back by calling her in an attempt to patch things up. She was getting tired of his continued advances which didn’t stop until he got an e-mail from her man. It simply said that Adrienne had moved on and Rob needs to back off. But it turns out that the mystery man was none other than the Cheetah Girl herself.

    “Now, what y’all thought was that it was written from my boyfriend. It was not written from my boyfriend,” she said. “It was written by me and my girls sitting on the sofa one day thinking to ourselves, well how do we stop him from calling me? And we thought to ourselves the only way to make this guy stop calling me is to make him think I have someone new.”

    She added, “I ended the letter with ‘One dawg’ so people were like, ‘Hold up! And the new boyfriend’s Black!’”

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