Daily Buzz 7.31.13: Stevie J confirms that he married Joseline?

    VH1 scouts Usher’s ex for ‘Hollywood Exes: Atlanta’?

    Tameka Foster could be joining VH1′s newest rumored spin-off! If reality TV producers have learned anything it’s there is some serious drama to be found in Atlanta.

    Now there’s word that VH1 is hitting up the ATL yet again for a spin-off for it’s hit reality show “Hollywood Exes.” Star magazine that the network is looking to cast Tameka, who was once married to married to Usher to head up the cast. Supposedly Cee-Lo Green’s ex Christina Johnson might also be recruited for the show.

    One insider claims that, naturally, neither Cee-Lo nor Usher are thrilled about the prospect of their exes getting a reality show. But they’re handling the gossip very differently, the “F*ck You” singer is reportedly joking that Christina might dish some of his dirty secrets, but Ursh may not be in a jovial mood about the prospective series.

    “Usher and Tameka don’t get along, and he knows she’ll be happy to talk about his personal life so that she can become the star of the show,” the source told Star. “Usher’s concerned because she’s still bitter. Tameka is having financial problems and feels like this could be her meal ticket.”

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