Joe’s ‘Doubleback’ to music

    J_O_EAfter 20 years in the music industry, R&B singer, Joe, has decided it’s time to take things back to where they started.

    Joe’s debut album, Everything, was released in 1993 helping him prove that he was bringing something new to the table. His music embodied the essence of a true gentleman with songs about making an emotional connection with a woman rather than a physical one.

    This July, Joe released his 10th solo album, Doubleback: Evolution of R&B, which tells the story of his search for true love. The album features Joe playing guitar, piano and bass to showcase him as a multi-talented artist.

    “It has a full spectrum of me as a songwriter, producer, musician and singer, and I’m excited about that,” Joe told S2S.

    LeToya LuckettMusic isn’t the only thing Joe is doubling back for. Pick up the August 2013 issue to read more about how Joe is working to develop a relationship with his 21-year-old daughter, Kayla.







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