Tiffney Cambridge previews season 2 of ‘Marrying the Game’

    GameTiffneyWide.jpgThe first season of “Marrying the Game” focused on rapper Game and fiancée Tiffney Cambridge as they prepared to walk down the aisle, but the new season will be a bit different.

    Tiffney told Sister 2 Sister, that season 2, premiering August 5 on VH1, will be about them adjusting to their new relationship, as friends.

    “We’re in a good place,” she said. “We’re working on getting back to our friendship and we’ve been co-parenting the kids. A lot of the pressure is taken off of us to get married on a certain day and kind of live up to everyone else’s expectations. We kind of let that pressure go.”

    The couple thought season 1 was going to end with a wedding ceremony, but things imploded, and the two put things on pause, causing some to wonder if the show would return.

    “There’s more of our story to tell. We left everyone on a cliffhanger,” she said. “A lot of people that were fans of the show reached out and definitely wanted us to come back and wanted to see us resolve our issues.”

    Though she’s in a relationship with a rap star, Tiffney said viewers understand what she and Game go through. It’s not an uncommon situation.

    “Our story is a familiar one. It’s a story men and women can relate to,” she said. “It’s a real couple with real issues that we’re going through. I don’t think we finished telling it all in season 1.”

    Season 1 didn’t end how Tiffney and Game first imagined, and although they’re working on their friendship, she wouldn’t go so far as to say they’re no longer romantically involved.

    Things might be in a bit of a gray area now, but Tiffney said their relationship status will be crystal clear to fans soon enough.

    “By the end of season 2, you’ll know exactly where we stand,” she said.

    Check out the season 2 trailer below.

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