Lil Scrappy now knows what he wants in a woman

    Erica Dixon & Lil ScrappyLil Scrappy has learned a thing or two from his past relationships, and he now has a better idea of what he wants in a woman.

    “I need a chick that got her own n dnt need to come up off me come up off ur self then get at me,” Scrappy recently tweeted.

    On the season finale of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” season 2, Erica Dixon ended her engagement to Scrappy, returning the engagement ring he gave her during the season 1 reunion.

    Even after Scrappy popped the question, the two still struggled to make their relationship work. As Scrappy’s former boo, Shay Johnson, predicted, it looks as though Scrappy and Erica won’t make it down the aisle.

    “I really love you and I really thought there was some way we could make it happen, even though I know every time I get with you, every time you get back with me, it always crumbles,” he told Erica. She cosigned.

    “The truth is, I don’t think Scrappy really knew what he wanted from me, or from us…. After 11 years of trying, it’s just time to let it go.”

    Though Erica and Momma Dee, Scrappy’s mother, continually bumped heads, she denied that their friction had anything to do with their breakup.

    Now, that his relationship with Erica is over, Scrappy’s ready to move on.

    “Change is good if its positive if its negative it [won’t] help,” he wrote. “If a chick can’t give u nothing but negativity n ur positive u can’t deal turn the page life is a book filled with chapters it’s ok.”

    Check out more of Scrappy’s Tweets below.


    Watch the breakup between Scrappy and Erica.

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