Daily Buzz 8.5.13: K.Michelle sings about Chad Johnson?

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    K.Michelle sings about Chad Ochocinco

    Sometimes you meet a nice person at the wrong time and K.Michelle wrote a song about it. The “Love & Hip Hop:Atlanta” star may have been through it herself with Chad Johnson, and she mentioned that maybe they were trying to make the relationship more than it should have been.

    “He’s a sweetheart. That’s not what I was supposed to be doing,” she told Russ Parr. “We’re friends. I didn’t give over my hot pocket or anything.” She later went on to tease a new song from her upcoming album Rebellious Soul that may have been inspired by Chad called “Damn.”

    “Mama said it would happen to me, but I never did believe,” K.Michelle sings on the track. “I’m young, I’m fine, I’m in my prime, there’s another time to be sitting at home crying/While your a** is out here lying/Hang it up, you can stop your trying/I’m giving up, I’m done with love.”

    She goes on, “It would be nice to love you, but I’ve got to much to do/Every day I’m thinking of you/I’m supposed to be bullet proof/Damn, I’m feeling some kind of way/Damn, wanna love you but can it wait?”

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