Evelyn Lozada cries over Chad Johnson

    Evelyn Lozada

    Evelyn Lozada will break down in tears while talking with her mom about Chad Johnson this season on “Basketball Wives.”

    VH1 rolled out a new Evelyn-centric teaser for season 5 of “Basketball Wives,” where the reality star is reflecting on the violent end of her marriage, which happened around the same time that she lost her beloved brother-in-law.

    “It’s just like the timing is crazy. It’s like two of my best friends just gone,” Evelyn said in a tearful confessional. That’s my brother and then he dies right after the incident with me and Chad.”

    She continued, “Words can’t even explain how dark I felt. Like, ‘This can’t be my life.'”

    Lots of viewers felt that Evelyn gave Chad a pass to sleep with other women last season on “Basketball Wives” when she said she wants to know if he cheats. In a conversation with her mother, though, Evelyn made it clear that she felt completely justified for going off on Chad when she found a receipt for condoms in his car.

    “Some people can be like, ‘Oh, it’s her fault.’ I think I had every reason to be pissed off that my husband of three weeks is buying condoms,” she said. I think I have every right, but he knows I was good to him.”

    Look out for more of the conversation when “Basketball Wives” season 5 debuts August 19 at 8 p.m. on VH1.

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