Kelly Rowland and Jeanette Jenkins talk new ‘Sexy Abs’ DVD


    Jeanette Jenkins is giving you the secret to get a body just like Kelly Rowland with their new workout DVD.

    After releasing their hit workout Sexy Abs, Jeanette and Kelly have teamed up once again for Sexy Abs: Cardio Sculpt due out in October. The idea to do another workout for the masses came as people kept asking Jeanette what she has Kelly do to get her amazing figure.

    But the “Kisses Down Low” diva warned that her routine is not for the faint of heart. “A very intense work out is what you’re in for with this DVD, but it’s so much fun, ” Kelly said. “JJ said that a lot of people were asking about my total body workout, and this is it. This it and this is what I do.”

    While customers will get a chance to tone their tummies, trainer to the stars Jeanette is getting your body right from head-to-toe.

    “This workout particularly is total-body. It’s cardio and sculpting, so basically we do it all: The arms, the legs, the back, the abs,” Jeanette said, adding that the workout is broken up into small segments so that anyone can find the time to get in shape.

    “The amazing thing is that we’re doing it in little five-minute chapters. If you’re short on time, if you’re a busy mom, if you’ve got to get to class–whatever, there’s no excuses,” the trainer explained. “You can pop this in and do 10 minutes, 15 minutes or the full hour.”

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