Laila Ali apologizes for calling North West a ‘stupid’ name


    Laila Ali is clearing the air about her thoughts on parents giving their kids unique names like North West.

    During a recent event, HipHollywood asked Laila Ali what she thought of more unconventional baby names, and she said that she was not to fond of them. Specifically, she mentioned North as she rattled off a list of “stupid” names. Since Kim Kardashian and Kanye West just named their new daughter North, it was taken as a jab at the new parents.

    But, Egypt Sherrod doesn’t think that Laila really meant to insult Kim, Kanye or their baby girl. That’s why she called the boxer herself for a little more insight on her comments.

    “I was speaking very candidly and honestly, like I always do,” Laila admited. “As a parent, knowing how cruel the world is and with bullying and the kids have to grow up and get a job on day, I did say that I think some of these name choices are stupid.”

    Laila realizes, though, that she could have worded her response a little better. “It was a poor choice of words. It wasn’t to single out [Kim Kardashian] or [Kanye West],” she said. “It was a general opinion to a question that I was asked, but it doesn’t matter.”

    But there may no longer be any drama between the celebrity moms since Laila has “reached out to Kim and Kanye to apologize.”

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