Man accused of beating girlfriend’s toddler to death

    Kamari Zavon TaylorPeter Hendy III, 33, was charged with beating a child after his girlfriend’s toddler was found dead hours after Peter allegedly “disciplined” him.

    Peter was upset with 4-year-old Kamari Zavon Taylor who was riding his scooter on the wrong side of the road, according to The Washington Post. When Peter confronted Kamari, the child refused to listen to Peter, stating “I don’t have to listen to you. You’re not my daddy.”

    That’s when Peter allegedly struck Kamari in the abdomen. He then called the boy’s mother to inform her of his disciplinary action.

    The effects of Kamari’s injuries apparently crept up on him as the child continued to ride his scooter, but after about 45 minutes, he returned home, shaking and sweating.

    Peter put the child to bed and then went outside to sell weed, while the child suffered inside the house, according to The Post.

    Once he returned inside, he reportedly noticed bruising on the child, but still did not immediately contact authorities. Peter went back outside to continue selling marijuana and did not call the police until Kamari became unresponsive.

    According to some reports, Kamari’s liver was separated into three pieces and ribs were broken.

    That’s a poor excuse for a human, and that’s a poor excuse for a man, and he’s a coward,”  Azalea Taylor, the child’s grandmother, told ABC News.

    Get more on the story below. Watch.

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