Nicki Minaj snaps over ghost writer claims


    Nicki Minaj wants you to know that she doesn’t need anyone to writer her rhymes.

    The “Super Bass” rapper went off when TMZ asked her about Ransom’s claims that he’d penned some of the lines that made her famous. Who’s Ransom? He recently released a song called “Man Alone,” when he rhymed, “Before Nicki was wearing those crazy wigs, I was doing verses for her, just hoping she made it big.”

    When Nicki caught wind of the lyrical shade, she snapped after getting over the initial shocke.”What? I rap better than him,” an astonished Nicki said. “I don’ t need no motherf*ckin ghost writer, so if you’re telling that lie you must be real f*ckin desperate. And you still ain’t gon’ pop!”

    Even after she walked away from TMZ, Nicki was still going off about Ransom’s claims. Asking fans gathered nearby how someone who’s not on par with her level of lyrical creativity could make such a claim.

    “How a whack n*gga, gonna write my sh*t?” she continued, incredulous that anyone could claim to be responsible for her flow. “I haven’t even heard about that n**** in five years! I slaughter these n*ggas. Period.”

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