Shonda Rhimes shares 10 tidbits for ‘Scandal’ season 3

    Bonus: Who is Harrison?

    Aside from Olivia, Harrison has been a complete mystery on “Scandal’! We’ve been hearing since the end of season 2 that the show may finally delve into his past, and it seems that Shonda intends to keep that promise by telling his backstory during some flashback-heavy episodes.

    “All season we’ll be traveling through time,” Shonda revealed, “more recent flashbacks as well as flashback flashbacks. We’ve already had some unanswered questions in terms of characters’ pasts that have come up in the first two scripts.”

    Look for a few more spoilers at THR. Don’t forget to recap all the drama on “Scandal” this weekend when BET airs a marathon of the first two seasons starting at 8 a.m.!

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