Shonda Rhimes shares 10 tidbits for ‘Scandal’ season 3

    8. Love and marriage

    No one on “Scandal” really has an ideal love life, but one couple comes pretty close.

    “James [Dan Bucatinsky] and Cyrus are the healthiest relationship on the show, and they continue to be, which is my favorite thing ever,”  said Shonda. While infidelity has never been a concern for these two, Shonda admits that even Cyrus and his hubby have their problems. “Their healthy relationship includes an assassin being hired to kill one of them but the romance being that he pulled him back.”

    That said, Shonda really enjoys the duality of Cyrus’ character, stating, “Cyrus to me is the most intriguing character I’ve ever gotten to write because he’s so dark and so full of love and is so kind and cruel.”

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