Goodie Mob talks new album, Outkast and how Nelly helped them reunite

    “They got big hearts,” Khujo said.  “That was real honorable of them to share their spotlight with us…When they first came to the Dungeon with blonde hair, we, on some big brother stuff, roughed them up a little bit and sent them on out there so they can just do their thing. … They’re just family guys [and] role models, especially in the music industry.”

    Goodie Mob says we can expect new projects from Outkast and all other members of the Dungeon Family. “In the next 12 months you’ll start seeing a resurgence of all of us doing records together and all of us doing records with other people,” Big Gipp said.

    Goodie Mob is first in line with “Age Against the Machine.” Some fans thought the album would be called “We Sell Drugs Too,” after CeeLo tweeted the title back in 2011.

    “CeeLo did that just to cause people to talk,” Big Gipp said. “It was never really the working title. It was just us looking at the game and how everybody was just putting references to drugs in their titles.”

    Since their debut, Goodie Mob has tackled social and political issues in their music. Fans can expect more versatility in their subject matter and sound, which CeeLo has described as “progressive.”

    “This time, Goodie Mob has to go for the world because with our member [CeeLo] being such a worldwide superstar, we have to reach that audience,” Big Gipp said.

    “Age Against the Machine” hits stores August 27.

    Check out “Special Education” by Goodie Mob featuring Janelle Monae from “Age Against the Machine.” 

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