Rasheeda: ‘I’m not rushing into a divorce’

    TwitPics_Rasheeda_080912.jpgMost observers are quick to point the finger at Kirk Frost, who brought up the topic of abortion when he discovered his wife was pregnant with their child.

    Though he’s caught a lot of flack, his wife, Rasheeda, recently told an insider that she may have condemned him too quickly after that startling initial reaction.

    “He couldn’t handle it,” said the source who counseled the couple briefly after Kirk’s infidelity aired for the nation to see.

    The music exec took the opportunity to get intimate with two women while reality TV cameras rolled.

    While many criticized Kirk for not being there for his wife and unborn child, Rasheeda admitted that maybe she wasn’t there for Kirk, who was shocked by the news of her pregnancy. He’s already a father and wasn’t expecting to start the process all over again.

    Since the season began and their marital problems were exposed, Kirk and Rasheeda have been spotted together. The two walked the BET Awards red carpet side by side, and they reportedly arrived to the “Love & Hip Hop: ATL” season 2 reunion together.

    “People had no compassion for him,” said the source who attended the reunion taping.

    Although Kirk has moved out, he and Rasheeda have still been keeping in contact, but some reports suggest their marriage is beyond repair.

    However, Rasheeda recently told VibeVixen.com that she and Kirk haven’t definitively called it quits yet.

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