‘Hit the Floor’ star Jonathan McDaniel releases new music

    While “Hit the Floor” is on hiatus, Jonathan McDaniel wants to make you hit the dance floor.

    If you’ve seen VH1’s scripted drama series “Hit the Floor,” you’ve likely fallen for cutie Jonathan McDaniel. Jonathan plays German Vega, the devoted and supportive boyfriend of main character Ahsha Hayes. But Jonathan’s no newcomer to the entertainment world.

    Jonathan McDaniel first hit the scene in 2001 as young rapper “Lil J.” He soon became an object of affection for teenage girls around the world as Raven Symoné’s boyfriend, Devon Carter, on the Disney Channel’s hit show “That’s So Raven.” Jonathan continued his success with a number of TV and film appearances, preparing himself to become the actor we’ve grown to know and love today.

    “I took some time to understand the craft of the acting and prove to people that they should take me seriously by doing work that shows that,” he reflected.

    Although there were challenges in shedding his child star persona, Jonathan has successfully made his mark in acting as a grown man. With his role in “Hit the Floor” and the Robert Townsend drama “In the Hive,” audiences are able to see and connect with Jonathan in new ways.

    “It’s a big huge challenge for any young actor or musician trying to transition into the adult world,” Jonathan said. “Be true to yourself, more than anything. I think that’s where a lot of my creative starts, with my integrity.”

    Hungry for success in all areas of entertainment, Jonathan dropped a new EP this summer, “A Geniuschild Unknown.”

    “I want people to realize that music is definitely one of my #1 passions and I’ve been doing it for years,” he said. ”Expect a feel good EP that piques people’s interests and lets them know I am back on the music scene.”

    “A Geniuschild Unknown” is available now on iTunes.


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