Dawn Robinson defends a heartbroken Kelly Price

    Dawn RobinsonKelly Price may come off as a bit cold on TV One’s “R&B Divas: LA,” but Dawn Robinson said she most definitely has feelings and they’re hurt over what’s been portrayed on TV.

    “I’ve just been praying with Kelly because her heart is broken over what she sees of herself [on the show]. You build up a career to a certain point, you fought and battled through that career to be heard and seen. People talked about her weight and all the different things, and now to have a reality show tear you down?” Dawn told 4UMF.com.

    On the show, Kelly is the one who brought the six ladies together and introduced the idea of a Vagina Monologues type show. However, her co-stars, mainly Chante Moore and Lil Mo, forged ahead with the idea without considering all of Kelly’s input. That caused a bit of tension and had Kelly coming off as a bit of a control freak.

    “It’s like you come to everybody with an idea of your own, and then they just kick you out of the car and put someone else in place of who you have in mind. I think you’d be pretty pissed at that as well,” said Dawn who defended Kelly’s desire to use the director that she originally wanted, despite Chante and Lil Mo working well with a new guy.

    While the show has yet to air episodes that reveal how it all ends, in April, Dawn and Kelly performed a one-night only Not Your Mama’s Monologues, which would suggest that the ladies did not work things out.

    “They want to show us fighting against each other. They want to show anger, the angry Black woman,” said Dawn. That is not what I signed up for! I signed up for positivity.”

    Read more of Dawn’s interview here.

    Watch Kelly and Dawn below.

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