Does Tiffney Cambridge advise staying together for the kids?

    Tiffney CambridgeTiffney Cambridge acknowledges that when children are involved, parents may often stick together for the sake of their family, but that’s not something she’d necessarily advise.

    “It really depends on the situation and the relationship. All children deserve to be in a home that has a mother and a father,” Tiffney told Sister 2 Sister. “If you can make that situation work, then by all means, you should try.”

    Tiffney and Game called off their wedding during season 1 of “Marrying the Game.” Though she said they’re “getting back to [their] friendship” now, she hasn’t ruled out a reconciliation.

    “It’s probably everyone’s first choice to be together with the father of your children—make your family work. I hope that for myself and for other families, as well,” she said.

    If Game and Tiffney did reunite, they’d be following in the footsteps of reality couples NeNe and Gregg Leakes and Gloria and Matt Barnes with whom things got worse before the lovers patched things up.

    “I try not to look at other people’s relationship as like a barometer. I don’t compare or gauge my relationship with someone else’s. With NeNe and [the Barneses], they have children together. You’ve been with the person for a long time. I don’t think there’s ever going to be a point where you don’t deal with the person. I think that if the couple desires to be together and make it work and there’s still love there…, people work things out. I think it’s commendable that people want to keep their families together and strong,” she said.

    However, Tiffney said if there’s a lot of conflict in the home, a split may actually benefit children more than their parents living under the same roof.

    “If you’re arguing in front of your kids and when you can’t come together, it will probably be best to break up. I don’t believe in doing any arguing, fighting and all that in front of children. It really depends on what’s going on and the individual relationship,” she said.

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    What would you advise? Should couples stay together for the sake of their children? Leave your comments below.

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