B.Scott compares himself to Prince, Michael Jackson

    BScottB.Scott, a man who was escorted off the BET Awards red carpet for wearing women’s clothing, was “shocked” and “humiliated” by the incident.

    “It’s just really sad that people have to go through something like this in 2013 when we’ve seen all different types of personalities,” B. told MSNBC. “I have never felt so humiliated.”

    Although he’s a man, B. said he views his gender as “somewhere in between” and displays that through his wardrobe choices.

    “How I express myself on the outside…is an expression of how I feel on the inside,” said an emotional B.

    The blogger argued that BET had ample opportunity to address his clothing before he actually began working the red carpet.

    “I showed up five hours before the actual show started at 3 p.m. So, my clothes went to be steamed. There were producers coming in and out of my dressing room the entire time. Every step of the process, from getting my hair done, to getting my makeup done, into even when I’m finally ready, the producers came to see me before I was walked down to the carpet,” he explained.

    The incident was even more of a surprise considering that B. is known for his androgynous appearance, which arguably should have been expected.

    “I have been on television like almost 30 times at this point, and I’ve always presented myself with my hair beat back to the back row of church—that’s my phrase for being fabulous—and my makeup and androgynous clothing and high heels,” said B. who compared himself to other celebrities who’ve challenged the lines that separate male from female, such as Prince.

    “I’m not the first of my kind. There’s been Michael Jackson, Prince and Grace Jones and the list goes on,” he said, putting himself in the company of the King of Pop.

    B. admitted that there was no issue during previous appearances on BET, but that’s not stopping the pending lawsuit. Nor, is BET’s apology.

    “The evidence will show that they intentionally discriminated against B. based on his appearance and his gender identity,” said attorney Waukeen McCoy. “I think we have grounds to seek damages.”

    Watch more from B. below.

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