Dawn Robinson looks into adopting a baby


    Dawn Robinson wants a baby, and she’ll be checking on her ability to adopt this week on “R&B Divas: LA.”

    The former En Vogue front woman and her beau Chris want to start a family of their own. Although they’re trying to conceive naturally, they’re also open to the idea of adopting a child.

    The agency where Dawn and Chris began their parenthood journey offers two options: Adoption through the foster care system and private adoption. The latter would be a situation, where a mother chooses which set of parents their child will be going to. Of these, Dawn said, “I think we’re both leaning towards adopting a baby so we can see that whole process from the beginning together.”

    Going that route, the mother would have 30 days after birth to get her baby back if she wants. Although Chris makes light of that potential problem, it seems to be a risk Dawn is willing to take.

    “I think we’re both great candidates for adoption because, you know, nobody’s perfect, but we’re pretty balanced as human beings. And I really like his humor,” Dawn explains. “We’d make good parents, Chris and I.”

    R&B Divas LA ep 106 clip 1 from TV One, LLC on Vimeo.

    See how their meeting ends when “R&B Divas: LA” airs Wednesday at 10 p.m. on TV One!

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