Glenn Lewis’ moment of truth

    On his new album, Moment of Truth, Glenn Lewis sheds a positive light on Black relationships, something he thinks is missing in music.

    “Even as you hear records about, ‘I’m gonna be alright by myself,’ in a lot of ways, that’s a cry for attention … because people want to love and be loved, they want somebody to share things with. That has nothing to do with coolness,” Glenn said.

    Glenn’s finally releasing a follow-up to his beloved 2002 album, World Outside My Window, and people are thrilled to have new music from him on their iPods.

    “I feel like the prodigal son,” he said. As he toured to promote his new music, radio execs and fans alike expressed their excitement. “Everyone’s reaction has been like, ‘It’s good to have you back.’ And you can see the honesty and sincerity.”

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