Frank Ocean’s cousin sues Chris Brown


    Chris Brown and Frank Ocean’s crew still have some unfinished business, and they may be settling the score in court. reports that Frank’s cousin, Sha’Keir Duarte, is suing the “Sweet Love” singer for the parking space brawl that started their beef back in January.

    Sha’Keir claims that Chris’ bodyguard beat him to a pulp during the dustup and that Chris continued to provoke the beating as it happened. Frank’s cousin claims that one of Chris’ guards, which he identified as a man named “Hood,” pummeled him.

    The victim claims that Hood brutally punched and kicked him, including a dozen hits to his ribs and another several to his head. He states in court documents that he heard Chris say, “Get that n****r!”

    Sha’Keir claims that he has been permanently disabled as a result of the beating and he’s seeking unspecified damages.

    Chris’ camp has fired back at the allegations, stating, “Chris Brown does not employ anyone named Hood.”

    The “Don’t Judge Me” singer’s lawyer Mark Geragos also scoffed at the lawsuit, and he said that the legal action is nothing but a thinly veiled shakedown. “This is what gives lawyers and lawsuits a bad name is garbage like this,” Mark told the Associated Press, adding that he’s seeking to have the case dismissed.

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