K.Michelle avoiding drama on ‘Love & Hip Hop’


    K.Michelle is going to great lengths to avoid drama while filming the New York edition of “Love & Hip Hop.”

    Aside from some online smack talk, Erica Mena will likely never have a chance to meet K.Michelle. The Rebellious Soul singer told “The Breakfast Club” that although she has begun filming for “Love & Hip Hop,” she’s not shooting with the rest of the cast. It’s part of her effort to change her image from the VH1 star that’s always fighting someone.

    Show creator Mona Scott-Young wasn’t crazy about the idea of K.Michelle segregating herself from the rest of the cast, but she eventually rolled with it. “I think VH1–I spoke with them as well as her–understand that I’m just not for that,” K.Michelle said.”I’m not trying to get back into what I came out of. I would look like a fool.”

    While K.Michelle was able to get her way on this one thing, she certainly isn’t trying to make it seem as though she’s calling all the shots. She joked, “You know Mona, she’s still going to be the boss. That’s her show!”

    But K.Michelle may not be on “Love & Hip Hop” for long. In fact, it might be more of a springboard into her very own spin-off. As she told “The Breakfast Club” this morning, “I’m really focused on my own show. That’s what the focus is and that was part of the deal.”

    Once K.Michelle has struck out on her own, she’ll be having some well known co-stars on camera with her. For starters, she’s going to be getting “Refill” singer Elle Varner into the reality TV game simply by association.

    K.Michelle is so focused on all of the great things that are coming her way that she is determined not to let producers put her in any position to undo the personal progress she’s made. Specifically, she’s vowed that she will not be getting into fights with anyone else.

    “I’m not doing it. I’m just not going to do that,” K.Michelle asserted. “I’m not fighting in this New York thing. That’s just not going to happen.”

    Still it seemed that her would-be co-star Erica was desperate to pull her into an online beef that could later escalated into onscreen brawl. K.Michelle, however, chose to knock out the model with her words.

    “Birds always chirp. You leave trash in the trash can” K.Michelle shaded. “Until you can go buy a voice at Target–until you can get that together, don’t come for me. You need to stay in a h*e’s place.”

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