Chante Moore dishes on Kelly Price, Divalogues

    Chante MooreFans of “R&B Divas: LA” have likely seen the video of Dawn Robinson and Kelly Price performing their Not Your Mama’s Monologues skit, but Chante Moore assured that a Divalogues is on the way.

    “Two people were not there during the show. They did something else, but everybody else was there, and we did a great job, and it was a very successful night. It was a packed house,” Chante told the “Holla Holla Show.”

    The “Love’s Taken Over” singer didn’t specify which two weren’t included in what she dubbed the “Divalogues,” but Dawn and Kelly’s video might be a clue.

    “I think maybe it was just an ego kind of thing,” Chante said about Kelly refusing to continue on with her, Lil Mo, Michel’le and Claudette Ortiz, who preferred to work with another director instead of Kelly’s.

    On the most recent episode, Kelly, who first introduced the idea of the monologues, backed out of the project, citing her busy schedule as the reason. Since Kelly brought the ladies together, Dawn decided it was best that she fall back, too.

    “What I didn’t like was that I felt like the show might be over if she wasn’t in it. That’s not okay with me,” said Chante. “I was fighting for my career and the girl next to me.”

    There was no physical fight, but Kelly did pull out Timberland boots and Vaseline during one rehearsal attempt, and she mentioned having a razor.

    “It was very, very surprising to me,” said Chante.

    “When people do that, you do that with some purpose. You don’t just pull it out,” Chante said. “Plus, you do that when you’re in high school.”

    However, on a later episode, Kelly clarified that the props were part of her monologue.

    “I’m not gonna be fighting nobody,” Chante told “Who you pulling it out for? It ain’t me,” she said.

    Hear more from Chante. Who’s the love of her life? Watch it below.

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