Denzel Washington gives Joseline acting advice?

    Joseline Hernandez

    Joseline Hernandez has got some a-listers in her contact list as she supposedly had a candid chat with Denzel Washington.

    VH1 snagged a little time with Stevie J during the “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” season 2 reunion. When asked if the show has any high-proflie fans, he said, “Yes. Snoop. Diddy. Judge Mathis. Denzel Washington.”

    Denzel keeps it a little more old-school and personal, if he wants to share his thoughts about the show. “He calls to talk about it,” Stevie explained, adding that Denzel’s even been kind to chat it up with Joseline. “One time I asked him to call Joseline just to shake her up a little bit. She couldn’t believe it. They talked for an hour and a half.”

    Joseline got a little more out of the chat than some good conversation, Stevie said she used the time to pick his brain for pointers on her acting career.

    Stevie revealed, “She wants to be in movies so they talked about the movie business and how long he’s been in the game. He gave her some pointers and tips.”

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