Tami Roman speaks out on losing her mom

    Tami Roman is opening up about what she went through while watching her mother’s health deteriorate as she filmed “Basketball Wives.”

    Losing a parent is difficult for anyone, but having to go through it in front of the entire world is even harder. That’s exactly the position that Tami found herself in this year, and VH1 viewers will be privvy to the whole thing this season on “Basketball Wives.” Tami didn’t shy away from the cameras, though, because she felt that this is part of her story that needs to be shared.

    “We all put our hearts and souls into the show and opening our lives up for all the world to see, no matter how difficult it may be,” Tami wrote in her blog. “For me in particular, watching this season is bitter sweet, as so many facets of my life have changed. My mother is no longer here and someone I called family is no longer apart of my life.”

    From the season 5 premiere, fans of the show can already see that Tami is starting this round of “Basketball Wives” on a rather stressful note.

    “To see my mother on screen and taking her medical journey with her was very difficult for me. At times I hurt, times I cried and there were times that I was angry with her for getting sick,” Tami shared. “It was truly an emotional roller coaster for me that I would give anything to ride now…if only she were still here.”

    While Tami really misses her mother, she was able to pull a valuable life lesson from the painful experience.

    “The passing of my mother has taught me that things are ever changing whether you want them to or not. There are times when people will depart from your life by choice or by force and I’ve have began to accept that thought in most areas of my life.

    She added, “I have tried to stop fighting change and simply find the lesson I was supposed to learn.”

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