Nicci Gilbert defends Kelly Price


    Nicci Gilbert believes that her fellow R&B diva Kelly Price has fallen victim to harsh criticism, so she’s speaking up for her friend.

    The former Brownstone front woman hit up Instagram to show her support for Kelly, who has come under a lot of scrutiny for her behavior on “R&B Divas: LA.” As the most controversial member of the TV One original reality show “R&B Divas,” Nicci believes that she can identify with what Kelly may be going through now since every reality show has to have a villain (for lack of a better word).

    Since Nicci feels that people are unfairly attacking Kelly, she spoke up on her friend’s behalf. She stated that she can understand why the “Friend Of Mine” singer is a little more abrasive this season on “R&B Divas: LA.”

    “If u are building your brand off other peoples pain, you’re building PAINFUL brand and at some point you WILL FEEL ALL OF IT #ThatIsAll,” she wrote before continuing her supportive statement. “It’s hard to watch people say such horrible things about such a talented woman and friend…BUT TIME HEALS & TELLS ALL

    Nicci continued, “@KellyPRice4Real…I see CLEARLY how based on what you see ‘CLEARLY’ you think you KNOW so based on that I understand the REACTIONS AND I TRUST GOD PLANS… KEEP WATCHING.”

    The Curvato creator also advised viewers to take a little more time before leveling such unforgiving judgements against Kelly. “Instead of people [putting] all this energy into destroying someone PRAY FOR THEM you have NO IDEA how this is affecting this woman,” Nicci challenged.

    “The sad thing is how quickly ‘WE AS A PEOPLE’ allow them to use ‘WE THE PEOPLE’ as TOOLS to destroy our ‘OWN PEOPLE’ #IAintIntoThat,” Nicci added in conclusion. “I suspect that as a result of me speaking the truth you will see a few more fraudulent blogs, articles, etc., about me soon LOL…#touche. #theButler made me realize the fight is NOT OVER, this time instead of billy clubs and hoses its social media and online bullies #FB #Stick2Gether”

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