Paula Patton: Enjoy your single girl days


    Unlike her character in Baggage Claim, Paula Patton believes that single women need to enjoy their independent days while they have them.

    In her upcoming comedy Baggage Claim, Paula plays a flight attendant named Montana Moore that is consumed with the task of finding Mr. Right. It’s a mindset that the actress simply can’t identify with. Of course she’s been with “Blurred Lines” crooner Robin Thicke since they were in high school. As someone, who’s been in committed relationship for all of her adult life, she has this advice for single girls: Stop looking for love and true love will find you.

    “Don’t look for your true love. Don’t look for a man that’s going to marry you. That’s not going to do you any good. Once you get the pretty ring and the party, there is a marriage part that you have to think about,” Paula told “It’s more important for a woman who truly knows herself and enjoys her life alone and doesn’t complain about being alone and is spontaneous, which I no longer have because I have a child!”

    In Paula’s opinion, nothing is more attractive than a woman that loves herself, knows her worth and seems to feel complete within herself. It all exudes a confidence that is irresistable to people.

    “I feel like when you enjoy your life and you love yourself people gravitate toward you and feel that you are confident and secure and that’s when all the men start to come or whatever partner you want,” Paula advised. “[Don’t marry] because it looks good on paper, but someone who loves you exactly the way you are and all your flaws in spite of them and is willing to ride or die with you.”

    Now, once you have someone that is willing to go through the trenches with you (and still loves you anyway), Paula kept it real. She and hubby Robin Thicke may seem to have the ideal union, but she revealed that sometimes she’s let jealousy and suspicion get the better of her.

    “Listen, I’ve been married a long time and we’ve dated a long time. Have I checked up on my man? Absolutely!” Paula said before hinting at the lengths she sometimes went to keep track of her man. “Have I hidden in bushes, have been caught and made a fool out of myself? Yes! Love makes you do crazy things.”

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