Erika Alexander reminisces about ‘Living Single’


    Tracy: What’s your favorite episode?
    Erika: The show I think I like the most is probably the Kyle and Max show where they wake up and they slept together from a drunken stooper and they now have to deal with it. They call each other out angrily and tango it out. They tango their anger out. That was really fun to do. They really set us up well with that. They didn’t’ abandon right away the fact that they really didn’t like each other or didn’t know what to do with all the feelings they had for each other. That was fun to do.

    Tracy: All the fans were waiting for Max and Kyle to hook up. What was that like?
    Erika: We had to film the show with the entire cast who had been waiting for it themselves. People like Latifah and Kim Fields and Kim Coles, they kept egging us on all week, and it was almost like we had slept together in real life. Even the crew, everybody just really teased us unmercifully. Even though I say it was my favorite show. It was the hardest one to endure because we got teased so much. We might as well have slept together, so they’d really have something to tease us about.


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