Daily Buzz 8.26.13: Mike Tyson confesses to being a ‘vicious alcoholic’

    Mike Tyson said he’s an alcoholic
    Mike Tyson knows he has an ongoing problem and he came clean about in a shocking confession over the weekend. The former heavyweight champion revealed on ESPN’s “Friday Night Fights” that he has a problem with substance abuse and he knows where it will land him if he doesn’t get it under control.

    “I’m on the verge of dying, because I’m a vicious alcoholic,” Mike starkly stated, before pausing to confess how recently he’d gotten his last fix. “I haven’t drank or took drugs in six days, and for me that’s a miracle. I’ve been lying to everybody that thinks I was sober, but I’m not. This is my sixth day. I’m never going to use again.”

    See what other honest, dark confessions he made here.

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