Did R.Kelly sleep with K.Michelle?


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    R.Kelly had to do a little online cleanup work after he implied that he and K.Michelle may have slept together at some point.

    K.Michelle has made it no secret that R.Kelly has had the biggest impact on her singing career as her mentor.

    Since it’s R.Kelly, everyone assumes that they’ve slept together. It’s an accusation that she always flatly denies by reminding people that he’s her mentor. Instead of believing that K.Michelle and R.Kelly have a strictly professional relationship, the morning crew at Atlanta’s 94.5 asked him what’s really going on between them.

    “Personally? Okay, alright. Nah, we’ve sat and had sessions and listen to music and drinks. And we had a lot of fun…like backstage, after my show and things like that,” R.Kelly told “The Morning Grind Show” last week. “Well, listening to music and me giving her some lectures on what she can do to be better and when I tell her to do something, she do it.

    But the DJ caught Kelly a little off guard when they asked whether there was any truth to the rumor that he’d slept with K.Michelle. Although he didn’t explicitly confirm it, he didn’t exactly deny it, either. Worse yet, if they did hop in bed together, what he said made it seem like they might have been blitzed at the time.

    “What? Well, you know I um, well, we did have a couple of drinks and after the show ‘Single Ladies’ tour and she did say she was single at some point and then I got drunk and I don’t know…I don’t know,” he said. “I woke up and they said I had a good time. I had to trust it.”

    Not too long after the questionable interview, R.Kelly hit up Twitter to clear up

    Once again morning radio gettin’ crazy! Trying to turn a backstage music hang with K. Michelle into somethin’ else,” he tweeted. “I respect K.Michelle as an artist, and apologize if anything was said that offended her. Wasn’t anything like that. #allaboutthemusic, “

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