K.Michelle talks Delta Sigma Theta, being a role model

    K.MichelleUnlike some reality stars, K.Michelle is well aware of her influence over her young viewers, and she takes her position as a role model seriously.

    She recently explained that her new toned down TV persona is a result of two things: realizing her impact on others and having bigger things to worry about than her reality co-stars.

    “You have this big voice; you play these instruments. You can write; you can do all this, and these girls love you,” K.Michelle reflected to Essence magazine. “I don’t know how I would be able to sleep knowing that I had that much impact over your daughters’ life, or something, and I’m just cursing people out and yelling.”

    Her busy music career helped to keep her mind off of the “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” drama, too.

    “I just stopped caring this season. I’ve been traveling, selling out my shows, doing everything. My mind is somewhere else when the camera’s rolling so I’m sorry I don’t care that Stevie J cheated on you today,” she explained.

    Though she’s only one person in what is the largest African-American sorority, Delta Sigma Theta, Inc., K. is also aware of how her actions reflect the 100-year-old organization.

    “The first season they were against it,” K.Michelle said. “I’m sure the higher-ups probably still feel that kind of way, but the young Deltas are supportive…The young Deltas are always there and they’re very supportive.”

    As a whole, K. said the series really didn’t show how layered she really is and that “LHH: ATL” seemed to focus more on what was wrong, not the things she was doing right.

    “At the end of the day, they have to understand that’s one side of me and there are lot of sides. No one ever focuses on what I do for the community…how I go to the mall and say, if you’re a single mother let me pay your child care and I pay it on the spot. No one does that. They want to focus on the negative. I can’t knock them for thinking that about me, because they don’t know what I’m doing,” she said.

    However, K. told Sister 2 Sister that her upcoming reality show will be a truer depiction of who she really is.

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