‘Basketball wives’ recap: Season 5, ep. 2

    And so it begins…

    Now that season 5 of “Basketball Wives” has gotten underway and things were off to a positive start, someone had to stir up some drama to make things catty….err…interesting.

    Tami’s a little unsure about meeting cast newbie Tasha Marbury, especially since she’s caught wind of the gossip surrounding her marriage. Specifically, there have been rumors that Tasha’s hubby Stephon was paying off their former chef to keep quiet about his affair with the help.

    Although Tami wants to get to the bottom of this juicy gossip, she doesn’t want to be the one to bring it up for fear of looking the casts’ no.2 mean girl (again). That’s why she enlisted Suzie to ask the difficult, inappropriate question.

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