Toya Wright denies Tiny beef


    Toya Wright and her homegirl are as tight as ever, even though the rumor mill would have you believe differently.

    There’s been some speculation that Toya and Tiny might be on the outs since they haven’t been spotted together as much as they used to be. The pair famously made their BET debut together with a reality show years ago. Though the show only lasted on season, they’ve each gone on to do their own individual TV projects.

    But just because they aren’t on camera doesn’t mean they’re not friends anymore. “That’s crazy. Tiny is like my big sister. We talk ALL the time. Like Tiny and I, we probably about to do something real soon,” Tiny told Atlanta’s Streetz 94.5.

    In a society where everyone photographs their ever move and shares it online, Toya understands where the confusion may be coming from.

    “Every time we get together, we don’t Instagram. I just was with her. There’s no beef EVER. I don’t beef with my friends. That’s petty. That’s childish. I love all my friends. We all workin’ tryna et this money. Please no beef over here.”

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