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    ‘Paparazzi Princesses’ movie in the works

    Is Young Money getting into the movie business? Toya Wright recently revealed to Streetz 94.5 in Atlanta that her daughter Reginae Carter is getting ready to star in a movie based off of her book with Bria Williams.

    “Right now, we just actually got a script for the book,” Toya said “We’re going to shoot a movie, so we’ll be doing casting calls really soon for the movie of Paparazzi Princess. We’ll be looking for someone to play Wayne and Baby and all the different characters in the book.”

    And there’s a good chance that the screen adaptation of Paparazzi Princess might be a musical. Since Reginae is signed to Young Money as an artist, Lil Wayne’s planning to get her in a studio soon so she can begin working on an album. With a movie on Reginae’s to-do list, he saw a perfect opportunity to introduce her as a singer too!

    “[He] realized that the music industry is not the same anymore. It’s a little a bit harder just doing music,” Toya explained. “Since she loves to act, he wants to do it the Disney way, where she’s singing through her acting.”

    There’s no word on when Paparazzi Princesses will hit a screen near you or where you’ll be able to see it at this time.

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