Daily Buzz 8.29.13: Rasheeda release new music video with Kandi Burruss

    Tamar cries during appearance

    Things got really real for Tamar Braxtonas she had a little girl talk with Necole Bitchie and her fans in New York. The “Love & War” singer had a tearful moment for XONecole’s Girl Talk event on August 16, when she talked about how her already big personality is a littler bigger than normal when she’s in front of a camera. “I kind of have to play it up,” she stated.

    Ever the professional, though, Tamar quickly dried her eyes and continued the heart-to-hear with some 30 lucky fans. During the candid girlfriend chat, she shared that her biggest ket to success is that you should not let the possibility of failing scare you.

    “You can’t be afraid to fail. You fall, but you get back up and you figure it out,” Tamar advised. “I’ve had five record deals. Real talk. I’ve been dropped from every single label, except for the one that I’m on now.”

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