Jamie Foxx wants celebs to get active, respect their elders

    Jamie FoxxJamie Foxx’s comments during the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington have some questioning whether the Django star has a bone to pick with the Carters.

    While Jay-Z and Beyoncé have engaged in a back-and-forth disagreement with Harry Belafonte who accused the couple of not doing enough to give back, Jamie said he and his peers need to pay homage to those, like Harry, who paved the way.

    “Young folks, let’s have some respect to our elders,” said Jamie who told the story of when he first Harry during an Image Awards ceremony and was challenged to become more involved in community activism.

    “Harry Belafonte saw me at the Image Awards and he asked me, ‘What am I willing to do?’” Jamie recalled. “Everybody my age and all the entertainers, it’s time for us to stand-up now and renew this dream. I was affected by the Trayvon Martin situation. I was affected by New Town. I was affected by Sandy Hook. I’m affected by those things, so it’s time for us now to pick up.”

    Though he didn’t criticize others’ social activism or philanthropy, Jamie called out a few celebrities by name, including Jay-Z, and urged them to become the next generation of politically active entertainers.

    “What we need to do now is the young folks pick it up now, so that when we’re 87 years old talking to the other young folks, we can say, it was me, Will Smith, Jay-Z, Kanye, Alicia Keys, Kerry Washington, the list goes on and on,” he said.

    Despite their disagreement with Harry, Jay-Z and Beyoncé have both contributed time and money to many organizations and the couple attended a Trayvon Martin rally in New York shortly after the George Zimmerman verdict was announced.

    Jamie didn’t speak directly to what he would do to help keep Martin Luther King’s dream alive, but he’s also been very active in supporting the Justice for Trayvon movement, and he hinted that there’s more to come.

    “50 years ago he had a dream. I just hope I’m doing my part to make it reality,” Jamie tweeted. “Let’s continue to step up #TOGETHER.”

    Watch Jamie’s speech below.

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