Kelly Price: ‘There was no straight edge’

    Kelly Price

    Kelly Price is reluctant to blame her “R&B Divas:LA” portrayal on editing, but according to the singer that’s exactly why it seemed like she was threatening her co-star when she wasn’t.

    Since the series trailer was released, viewers have been questioning Kelly who’s seen pulling out Vaseline, Timberlands and mentioning a razor during a rehearsal for the ladies’ monologues, from which Kelly ultimately excused herself.

    On the show, she explained to co-stars Chante Moore and Lil Mo that the Vaseline and boots were props, not fight materials, and she recently told that there was no blade.

    “I saw the trailer and I gagged. Literally, I gagged because the boots and the Vaseline were in a bag full of props that I brought with me for rehearsal. There were pens and pencils; there was a composition notebook and there was another little book… I had a bunch of stuff inside this bag, props, and there was no straight edge,” she clarified.

    According to Kelly, upon closer inspection, viewers may notice that they never saw her mouth those words.

    “You see me pull the Vaseline out. You see me pull the boots out. You don’t even see my face when the word ‘straight edge’ happens. Not only did I not have a straight edge that day, I didn’t say straight edge that day,” said Kelly who explained that she mentioned the razor during another conversation.

    “That was an audio clip that was edited, and I’ve avoided using the word ‘edited’ because everyone goes so ham when they say, ‘You scream editing,’ but that was editing at its finest,” she said.

    Kelly has been had to deal with Twitter thugs and a lot of backlash from those who believed she was actually threatening Chante, but she said that couldn’t be farther from the truth, and those who fail to dispel that lie are “irresponsible.”

    “Now, you’re talking about trying to say that I am actually the kind of person that if I decide I don’t like a person…that I could bring myself to a point to slice them… and that is irresponsible to me,” said Kelly who doesn’t want her reality TV persona to mess with her money.

    “I am still a working women in this business, and I have to be able to work by name and reputation,” she said.

    Did Chante Moore feel threatened? Kelly talks about it below. Watch.

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