Shonda Rhimes: ‘Scandal’ doesn’t condone adultery

    Olivia Pope & Fitzgerald Grant Scandal

    Shonda Rhimes is shaking off the notion that her hit show “Scandal” condones adultery.

    There are so many reasons to love “Scandal”: Harrison’s voice, Olivia’s commanding sense of professionalism, Cyrus’ schemes, the near endles OMG moments, Kerry Washington’s lip quiver, etc. But one of the major draws for some viewers is the compelling drama that is Olivia’s affair with President Fitzgerald Grant. Whether you love to hate their affair (and them) or you hate how much you love their chemistry, it all comes back to Liv and Fitz.

    So when the creator of ABC’s new series “Betrayal” was asked how he’ll get viewers to root for The Other Woman on his show, he pointed to “Scandal” as an example of how it’s already been done. It’s a challenge. They’ve overcome it on ‘Scandal.’ They’ve overcome it very well, I understand,” he told BuzzSugar.

    That didn’t sit too well with Shonda, who argued that her show does not promote or support marital infidelity. “I don’t feel like we’re making adultery acceptable. We weren’t setting out to make adultery OK,” Shonda told TV Line. “To me it’s not about adultery or not adultery. We’re telling the story of these two characters who very specifically have this kind of relationship.”

    She understands that part of what keeps bringing viewers back to the show is the push and pull between Olivia and Fitz, who always seem to find their way back to one another no matter how wrong their relationship might be. At the end of season 2, Fitz very clearly made his choice, but Olivia is the one who ultimately broke it off with him for the umpteenth time! But, since it’s “Scandal,” the newly exposed affair is still a huge factor in their lives.

    Much of the audience struggles with liking to see Olivia and Fitz together, but Shonda said she certainly doesn’t try to romanticize their affair. “While there are times when you’re like, ‘Fitz and Liv are wonderful and I want them to be together,’ there are also times you think, ‘Fitz is scum and he shouldn’t be cheating on his wife,'” Shonda said. “And there are times you think, ‘Olivia should go off and find herself somebody who’s single.’”

    She concluded, “I like the fact that everybody feels this big debate. That’s fantastic, because that’s the point. We’re not giving a judgement on it one way or the other.”
    Although she endorsed and facilitated their affiar on season 1, one person that definintely can’t stand Olivia and Fitz being together is First Lady Mellie Grant. In a new promo for season 3 of “Scandal” she’s is clearly out for blood!

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