‘Basketball Wives’ recap: Season 5 ep. 3

    Tami and Shaunie have a talk

    Tami wanted to get a few things straight with her friend/producer Shaunie O’Neal during a stroll through central park. At issue was the fact that Tami felt that she and Evelyn Lozada gave cast newbie Tasha Marbury a negative perception of how Tami behaves. Tired of being made out to be the bad one on the cast, Tami asked Shaunie why she felt the need to tell Tasha that her first meeting with Tami could “go really right or really wrong.”

    For her part, Shaunie did not back down from her statement because she felt justified giving a disclaimer when takingTami’s track record with new cast members (remember what happened to Meeka Claxton and Kesha Nichols?) into consideration.

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