Laura Govan dishes on NeNe Leakes’ wedding

    NeNe Leakes, Laura Govan

    Although things didn’t go as smoothly as possible, Laura Govan said it was an honor to serve as a bridesmaid in NeNe Leakes’ wedding.

    “I was so surprised that she asked me. I was very thankful,” Laura told S2S Publisher Jamie Foster Brown.

    According to Laura the reality stars have been friends for years, and NeNe has been somewhat of a mentor to Laura when it comes to surviving the reality TV game.

    “She’s very mothering. She’s very wise. She gives me a lot, a lot of knowledge about TV, life, being a woman, coming up in this business, what I should do, what I shouldn’t do. I admire her as a person, as a woman. So, I appreciate everything that she’s done for me and has given to me,” said Laura who is working on a new reality show that follows her life with Gilbert Arenas and sister Gloria Govan Barnes.

    Though it all came together just fine, Laura admitted that there was some drama on NeNe’s wedding day, and fans may be able to watch it all unfold when “I Dream of NeNe” airs. The show premieres September 17 on Bravo.

    The “Project Runway” make-it-work moment involved Laura’s bridesmaid’s dress.

    “What I wanted was something different. I didn’t get it, but we worked it out. As a matter of fact, I took pieces out of the trashcan. I took some scraps to make it work. Literally, I was stitched in before I walked down the aisle. I was so nervous. I was clinching on for dear life, so my dress wouldn’t fall apart,” she said.

    The last-minute drama shouldn’t surprise those who’ve watched Laura on “Basketball Wives: LA,” or those who’ve followed NeNe’s career. The ladies are anything but boring.

    “Anything that has to do with NeNe Leakes is exciting. Every time we’re together, we have such a great time,” she said.

    Despite the near mishap, Laura promised that viewers will see a beautiful ceremony when the show airs.

    “It was amazing. It ended up being beautiful. We all looked to perfection. It was great,” she said.

    Gloria talks more about NeNe, her love of basketball and more below. Watch.

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