Was Lil Scrappy defending Bambi during gas station brawl?

    Scrappy, BambiLil Scrappy’s recent gas station brawl and subsequent arrest had a bit to do with the rapper defending his woman’s honor.

    “Somebody I know just got real disrespectful and irritated the $#!t outta me, and I had to ask him, like 50 times to calm down ‘cause you know I’m on probation, I can’t be doing all that,” Scrappy explained to 97.9 radio. Although the “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star didn’t name names, it seems that the recipient of his wrath was an acquaintance who’d irked Scrappy before.

    “He don’ said the wrong thing to me a couple times in other occasions as well. So, it was really backed up, and then he looked at my lady friend I had with me and gonna say something to her, and then he tried to buck up on me,” Scrappy explained. “So, I had to put paws on him.”

    Since he ended things with former fiancée Erica Dixon, Scrappy has been linked to former “Basketball Wives: LA” star, Adiz Bambi, who is apparently the “lady friend” to whom Scrappy was referring.

    Bambi hasn’t publicly spoken about the incident, but she wrote via Twitter: “B!tc#es mad cuz they n*__@ won’t swat a fly for em.”

    Footage of the altercation shows police subduing someone involved, but Scrappy told listeners that the cops were already on the premises.

    “They seen the whole thing. So, they seen I was really on the defense,” said Scrappy. “I wasn’t just walking in there just putting paws on just anybody. I just had to make him touch every part of the story: the chips, the drinks, the cakes…”

    Get more from Scrappy below.

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