Lamar Odom goes into hiding?


    Lamar Odom has, in fact, not checked himself into treatment for help with his alleged addiction to crack.

    There were reports this morning that Lamar had gone to rehab to tackle his rumored problem with substance abuse. According to, however, those reports are not exactly true. The online tabloid found out from sources close to Lamar that he has not checked into a facility.

    But where is Lamar? The Kardashians don’t know. Supposedly, he hasn’t spoken to his wife Khloe Kardashian in days and he’s gone off the grid. An insider told that Lamar hasn’t even told Khloe where he is.

    “She is pissed off she doesn’t even know his location. She has stood by him for the past two years as he descended into a nasty addiction of Oxytocin and cocaine,” the source revealed. “For him to cut Khloe out is just a knife in her back. Khloe has reached out to Lamar’s sports agent Jeff Schwartz, but has got no information about Lamar’s whereabouts.”

    It’s not clear why Lamar would cut the family off, but there are whispers that he thinks the Kardashian clan have been leaking all of the unflattering stories about him lately.

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