Kelly Price apologizes, talks ‘biggest regret’

    Kelly Price

    Kelly Price extended an apology to the “R&B Divas: LA” co-star who she seemingly offended the most.

    While she and fellow singer Chanté Moore seemed to bump heads more than anyone else, in an interview with, Kelly apologized to Divalogues director Fred to whom she admittedly gave a hard time.

    “I apologized to Fred,” said Kelly. “We had a private moment together. So, because I feel like Fred deserves that apology for the whole world to see, again I apologize to Fred. I am so sorry that when we met each other it was as icky and nasty as it was because you’re a professional and so am I.”

    During the season, it seemed as though Kelly distanced herself from her fellow divas and opted not to participate in the monologue production because her co-stars preferred to use Fred, as opposed to the director Kelly recommended.

    However, she said she would have gone along with the plan to use Fred without conflict had she realized that’s what all parties wanted.

    According to Kelly, she believed it was her responsibility to hire talent to work on the project. Before she realized Fred as working on the show, she’d already reached out friends to help bring the monologues to life.

    “If I had just known that the real thing was that they wanted to do their own thing and they really didn’t want me to have my idea to come into play, I would have just laid back and whatever they wanted to do, they could have done it. I would have been okay with it,” said Kelly who listed the many people she’d brought on board for the project before she heard about Fred.

    “There was work happening,” she clarified.

    Though she’s blamed the show’s editing for some of the more questionable moments of the season, Kelly said her willingness to challenge Fred’s authority and make his job more difficult than necessary is something for which she takes responsibility.

    “My biggest regret was that I agreed to do something that wasn’t fully authentic for the sake of keeping production going. I feel like I just should have just kept saying no,” said Kelly who thinks she and Fred would have likely gotten along if it weren’t for interference from the show’s producers.

    “Had we had an opportunity to meet each other clean slate at this point that it could have been and would have been something wonderful,” she said. “I hate that the and I didn’t get a chance to meet each other differently. You never get another chance to make a first impression.”

    Kelly talks about her fans and the shameful treatment she allegedly received from “R&B Divas: LA” producers. Watch.

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