Keyshia Cole apologizes to Michelle Williams

    Michelle Williams, Keyshia Cole

    Keyshia Cole and Michelle Williams have taken steps toward ending their R&B beef, but it doesn’t quite seem like the two are ready to lay it all to rest.

    Keyshia apologized for tweets she posted during last year’s Super Bowl halftime show. She questioned Michelle’s contribution to Destiny’s Child and insulted the singer.

    She received a lot of backlash from Destiny’s Child fans and Kelly Rowland quipped that Keyshia’s opinion “didn’t even matter.”

    Months later, following what Michelle described as “an amazing conversation,” Keyshia has admitted that tweeting those comments was an emotional reaction that she should have resisted.

    “I apologize for the mean things I said,” wrote Keyshia who explained that the tweets written out of anger.

    “It hurt me when I went to your page and saw what u said during my performance. And that still doesn’t make it ok. I said what I said out of anger,” she said.

    Michelle quickly accepted the apology and offered one of her own. “I also say sorry for ANY misunderstanding! I’m so happy this happened!”

    Neither singer explained to what Keyshia was referring when she alluded to comments on Michelle’s page, but after Michelle issued her own apology, Keyshia seemingly wanted the singer to elaborate for their fans.

    “So can u admit to erasing the tweet that was said about me? So people know that anger came from a hurt place malicious,” asked Keyshia.

    However, Michelle has yet to publicly respond.


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