Tami Roman and Meeka Claxton make peace


    Tami Roman and her former “Basketball Wives” co-star Meeka Claxton are over their differences and they seem to be getting along.

    Who knew fashion can bring old enemies together and foster peace?

    Back in season 3 of “Basketball Wives” Tami and Meeka’s animosity exploded when Tami hit Meeka in the face during a heated argument during a cast trip to Rome. Initially, it caused Meeka to pack her bags and leave the show. Fast Forward to New York Fashion Week this year, and the old enemies have come to an understanding.

    It all went down at Sammy Back’s Runway Show at New York Fashion Week on Saturday night. According to NecoleBitchie.com Tami was the one who reached out first when she approached Meeka and apologized for attacking her. After some deep discussion the pair hugged it out and took some pics.

    “The feud is O-V-E-R,” Meeka wrote on Instagram, “i don’t know how at a fashion show in a room full of 100′s of people @officialtamiroman and I could have such a deep convo, get so much off our chest, make peace and hug it out. I swear it was like no one else was there. #Growth #Forgiveness #RealSh*t.”

    Tami followed up with confirmation, writing, “Me and @meekaclaxton. ..as she said, YES HELL has frozen over LOL. I apologized to this sistah and we r moving on in peace. #realwomenshit #maturity #liveinlove.”

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