Tamar unfazed by K.Michelle’s olive branch

    Tamar-Braxton-022912.jpgK.Michelle may have extended an olive branch by promoting Tamar Braxton’s album via social media, but it doesn’t seem like Tamar’s ready to grab hold.

    The disagreeing divas have been going back and forth trading insults and barbs for weeks, but some thought the beef was over when K. shared a post urging her fans to buy Tamar’s music.

    However, Tamar wasn’t too impressed.

    “I mean, if you do one good gesture…does that make up for you calling me a Muppet and does it make up for you telling everybody I lip synch? I don’t want to talk about her…we’re not even in the same conversation in life,” Tamar told “The Breakfast Club” DJs. “I really don’t talk about the people who bully me and stuff.”

    Though she seemingly considers herself in a different league that K.Michelle, Tamar said her big sister Toni Braxton is an even bigger star.

    “For her generation, she still is Toni Braxton,” said Tamar. “I’m not even on her level…she’s an icon. I have one record.”

    The youngest of the Braxton sisters reasoned that she couldn’t even compare her career to that of her Grammy Award-winning oldest sibling.

    “Toni has a catalogue; I have songs,” said Tamar who has two records to her name, but really considers Love & War her first.

    “I call it my first album because I feel like my first record was like a karaoke record. I was singing songs that other people wanted me to sing and songs that I couldn’t even identify with. I was wearing clothes that people told me to wear.  I couldn’t be myself personality wise. So, I really don’t even consider that as a real record because I had really nothing to do with it.

    Apparently, releasing an album that reflects who she really is has worked for Tamar.

    “I sold a hundred thousand records in three days,” she said.

    Tamar and Vince talk more about her music, their reality show and “The Real.” Watch.

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